Whois DB (RADB)

descr:      Amazon EC2 IAD prefix
origin:     AS14618
notify:     noc@amazon.com
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS16509
changed:    noc@amazon.com 20111116  #20:37:45Z
source:     RADB

descr:      REACH (Customer Route)
tech-c:     RRNOC1-REACH
origin:     AS16509
remarks:    This auto-generated route object was created
remarks:    for a REACH customer route
remarks:    This route object was created because
remarks:    some REACH peers filter based on these objects
remarks:    and this route may be rejected
remarks:    if this object is not created.
remarks:    Please contact irr@team.telstra.com if you have any
remarks:    questions regarding this object.
notify:     irr@team.telstra.com
mnt-by:     MAINT-REACH-NOC
changed:    irr@team.telstra.com 20120326
source:     REACH